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Dongs: Dick Rambone Cock - Flesh

Dick Rambone Cock - Flesh 782421118808
Dick Rambone's masterfully reproduced penis is absolutely huge! Well over 12" long with a manly ball-sack attached! Soft and pliable for gentle insertion. Great orgasmic potential! 7.5" circumference, 2.5" diameter, 17" from base to tip! Manufacturer: Doc Johnson

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(4 stars)

I couldn't wait for this to arrive. It arrived perfectly discrete in a big box. I was so anxious to get it inside me. I am in heaven. After three sessions, I manage 12" but even 10" feels so good. I too can see it poke my belly up as I pound my ass. This is not for amateurs but for those of us who have experience with deep anal cravings. It has real girth and the veins are fabulous! The only problems I found so far is that it is so large it weighs about 3 lbs. and it is a bit flimsy so one hand has to guide it as I rode it. It was difficult to handle with one hand while plunging it in and out. I ended up cutting it off at the balls and it made it easier to handle...I like pounding better than riding anyway. I get wonderfully powerful orgasmic anal contractions with this monster and it also leaves a great gape )

ACD1 8/17/2012